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Need some help. Flexi8.5

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hi. i've been using my flexi8.5 softwear and i forgot what to save a file to in order for the plotter to reconize it and cut it. i have my file saved as .gif and it doesnt work. i forgot how to switch it over so it works.

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If your plotter is set up correctly within the prod. manager and you are working in vector format you just hit the plot icon. If you are saving the file you save it as a flexisign8.5 or whatever it asks you in the drop down window. A gif is a raster image and not a vector file. Plotters dont cut raster files.
thanks man. and you are from kingwood? me too. I'm a junior at kphs trying to make some money XD
hk brushes by ~jer406 on deviantART

I need to be able to plot this. I cant even open it up in flexi8. I've tried saving it differently but i cant get it to work.
As Motoskin said you need a vector file. I download from your link and it's a Photoshop brush. Not a vector file. Any type of bitmap will need to be recreated as a vector format for you to plot in vinyl.
You can import a multitude of different files into flexi but a plotter only will cut paths and not pixels. My son attends KPHS.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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