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you have what looks like a boston terrier for your pug,
and you might want to get rid of his wang too

maybe replace 'start with our cheapest' with something more positive like 'start with a classic gildan for only..'

i think $25usd for a tee with some text may be a little high

it is a nice setup when you get to the tees with the color/size options all there and easy to find

is it possible to offer a white design option for the darker tees?
i noticed they tended to blend in with the tee, although in real life i do like that subtle look
but i don't know if people would be off put by it on a screen
maybe some real-life model pics of the black on dark on the product page somewhere

kudos on a well put together website, easy to travel around in it

edit to add: i agree with sinGN, the yellow is a bit jarring

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I agree with the above. White never shows up well against yellow.
I would add shadowing behind the white T's so they don't look lost on the page.
I like your logo. Its distinctive, memorable and creative.
I don't see a street address in your "Returns" address
Are your size measurements in inches? "1" inch for the tolerance?
Add COLOR! For a site that talks about "painting the world vibrantly" I see lots of white.
Update your copyright date to 2017
What specific organizations do you donate to in Africa? What is your campaign? The reader should feel that your contributions to help in Africa are your passion. More text about your mission will spark viewer interest and improve your search results.

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I agree with what has been said above. The white is... sterile. I think you were trying to add a "pop" with the yellow but it is not creating the desired effect. The price of $25 for a shirt with simple single color text might be justified if the customer knew how much of the profit was being donated and where. I enjoy buying from sellers that are giving back, but I need to know specifics.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,

I do internet marketing for a living so I'm going to offer some very direct advice. I hope you don't take it too harshly. I only want your site to be successful. There are major issues with design and user experience which will turn away customers and lower overall engagement.

1. Your slider images are WAY too big. The most important part of your landing page is ATF (above the fold) and you're wasting it with a picture of a girl playing with balloons. It's not very clear what your site does. While "Share your creativiTee" is cute, I would opt for something more along the lines of, "Design your own custom t-shirts!"
2. The initial slider image is so big that you can't access the slider button. I also have a pretty big screen resolution (and one of the most popular) and that's very bad UX.
3. The slider images aren't the same size, allowing the content to be reshaped when they're engaged.
4. The main banner should not be a single CTA itself. I accidentally clicked the banner link trying to scroll down.
5. Your main CTA URL goes to Men, although it's not showing specific products for anybody, let alone men.
6. The banner on the Men page is very bad and impossible to read. Again, it eats up way too much space when you should be trying to promote a fluid user experience. You already have the categories on the left and below the banner. Remove the white/blue category banner altogether, FOR SURE. Just use an H1 tag with "Apparel Categories" or whatever.
7. The Decorate Now rollover effect is very bad UX, in my opinion. I thought I was going to click on a color to change the shirt, but it runs from me. The rollover also doesn't place my cursor on a link so I have to hunt for the damn link again.
8. I personally don't like the white shirts on the white background. It's hard to see.
9. I really dislike the way I get to design my shirt. The light-box effect is kind of distracting and you use a second one when I go to add text to the shirt. I realize this is probably a plugin so you don't have tons of control over it.
10. The area allowing the user to change the color of their shirt is not clear enough. By showing only the white square, it looks like that's my only option. I would prefer you either display the full color scheme square (that you have the roll over effect on) or a drop-down menu with "Change Your Color" or something as placeholder text.
11. The second banner image also doesn't really convey what you're doing. "Find Out How >>>" at the bottom right is not effective. And again, make a single CTA button on each banner, not the entire image.
12. Honestly, rather than redesign all of that, I would just scrap that banner altogether. You don't have enough content on the site to justify those 2 big banners and the CTAs you're using are terrible. If you had a new promotion going on or exclusive products or even a worthy announcement, sure. But nah. The content BTF is much better to the user. Honestly, I'd just change it to this. But make the human cutouts part of the link (not just the category), and definitely keep that blue rollover.
13. The bottom half of the page is SO much cleaner than the top. If you just add divider columns between each section, it'd be way improved. Otherwise it looks like one super long, boring page which strains the eyes. Change the background to a light gray and alternate between white to break the monotonous color scheme.
14. Delete "v7.202" text at top right.
15. Try not to have so many buttons/links with different styles and actions. Again, very confusing. MEN/KIDS/WOMEN/ACCESSORIES links are light blue and dark blue on hover. GET STARTED and DESIGN NOW are dark blue normally and no action on hover.
16. Either move TEE SHOP IN 3 EASY STEPS and DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START a lot further apart, or add a horizontal divider in between them. It's too cluttered. You may need to separate the categories above as well.
17. Also wtf does "* *Taxes may be included" mean? Either they are or they aren't and usually you warn people that the display price DOESN'T include tax, right?

Okay, that's it for now. I need to get back to other work. Cheers!

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i agree with alot of what dontJimmymeJules said...

on first glance i noticed a few different fonts on 1 page, to me it was not aesthetically pleasing, the font with the design in it kept drawing me and I'm not sure if it was in a good or bad way to be honest...

the way you have done the heading for categories was a eyesore to me (only because I have trouble reading unless it is left to right or right to left etc) i spent 5 mins working out the spelling when i read it... i love the concept but not the layout of it

If the Every Tee Counts is a huge thing for your company give it alot more on the homepage, if a percentage of your profits are going there, let users know that and they might actually be more inclined to buy from you. In my honest opinion you have not given enough information on the way it will work.

I even had a quick look at some of the categories and the information pages look like they come from who you are getting the product from wholesale (eg. the bibs have more information than the normal person wants, they don't need to know exactly how they are made except that they are natural cotton and they need a size on them)

this is what i gleened just from a quick look as I'm running low on data right now

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that was excellent insight

thanks djmj

i'd give you my site but i have more work to do,
and i'm a little scared
Feel free to make a post and tag me in it if you wish. I don't mind spending a few moments of my day to help others. Eventually I'll be needing help with the t-shirt aspect of this game and I'll have paid it forward. :)
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