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Need some assistance calculating plastisol heat transfer pricing.

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I am in the middle of coming up with a price sheet for custom plastisol heat transfers. They will be based on a 15x15 transfer paper size. I've looked at prices by transfer express, semo and dowling graphics. Their prices are rather expensive, are screen set-up charges built into their cost? I am not seeing anywhere on their website that mentions set up charges. For example, Semo has a 3 color transfer at 6.00 for 24 quantity orders. This seems high, does it include set-up charges?
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Yes that is high. More than likely it is built in. I've seen others with $20 and up Per color, for Setup.
Ok, just saw no set up fees on semo's website. My main concern is if my customers want their screens stored for reorders, then it wouldn't make sense for them to be paying that 6.00 everytime if set-up charges are built into the cost. Hmmm, anyone have an example of a good pricing layout?
I think I may try to have similar pricing as dowling graphics, with $20 per screen set-ups. Their prices seems more doable especially for my area. Their 3 color, 24 quantity order is $3.18.
Don't cut yourself short either. You can try charging $4.00 plus $20 setup. You offering 24 transfers plus saving them for future use in which you won't charge a setup again for re-orders. Many customers appreciate that and accept it.
Gotcha. Where I am currently there are 3 t-shirt shops, which all offer cheap prices. Why they do that I don't know lol, I have no choice but to compete until I move to another location.
Advertise better quality. Also offer products they don't have.
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