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Need some advice

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I have a great opportunity to work with a surfing production company called NySea. I will be in charge of their apparel. As a designer and artist i don't know much about actually making the t shirt. I have over 30 designs that are ready to go. I just dont know where to begin. I have established a relationship with diff screen printing shops, manufactures but how do i know which one to choose. I am looking for a company that i can establish a relationship with. NySea has created a lot of public buzz and has people asking when can they buy the t shirts. the demand is there. just need some advice on how to do this the smart way. what steps should i take? please help.

btw u can check out nysea.com
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Hi Boris, maybe you could clarify what your actual question is.

Sounds like you have the designs ready, what question can we help you with?
Sorry about that. I know my my question wasnt very specific.

I do have the designs. I know there is a market for my t shirts. But, i am having a very difficult time finding screen printers or manufactures who wont rip me off.

When my first line came out I placed an order for 800 shirts. It was 2 diff designs. Next level 50/50- 2 color T shirts and paid 9.50 per/pc. I have been told thats a lot.

Now, im looking to place a order for 2500 pieces with 4 designs. I am wondering how much should that cost?

Hopefully this makes sense
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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