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Need Some Advice on this Press

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I do about 85% screen printing, 10% signage and 5% heat press stuff (jerseys, small runs, etc.). I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with this 5-in-1 press from eBay? With a 5% production use, what are your thoughts on it?

5IN1DIGITAL Transfer Heat Press Device Sublimation Mug T Shirt Hat Plate Cap | eBay
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Not a fan of the all-in-ones, what happens when your power unit goes, then you have nothing working. 12" X 15" platen is not big enough for T-shirts. I have one and only use it for nametags and plaques. For T-shirts you will want at least a 16" X 20".

As to the Chinese no name presses, when I first started out, I did and still own several, but I did not purchase off of ebay, I bought from US resellers that are established and had parts and service available.
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I do not see a reason why you need a multi-use press for the jobs that you mentioned. Also, the size looks small. I would definitely recommend at least a 15x15 size.
You both make valid points.
I have a small Geo Knight heat press, but am looking into purchasing a cap press. I was going to get this one from Heat Press Nation, but saw one that looks like the same press on eBay here.
I have one but I only use it for small patches. It does not work well for shirts. The platens are too small and they do not make larger platens (16 x 20) for them. Would be ok for babies and toddlers items but that is about all. I never even use the mug or cap attachments. I use the 2 round ones for DTG printed designs over pocket areas but that is all.

As far as quality, the one I have has been in use for approx. 6 yrs now and have never had an issue with it at all.

Hope this helps,
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