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I'm just getting started in this as well, but have been in business (architecture) for myself for a few years now. so take my advice for what it's worth.

In regards to your 2nd question. Marketing is very important. Take this business seriously if you don't want it to fail. Complete a business plan. In it you should narrow it down to really who is your target customer. Then you'll have to go after them. Mearly putting a site on the internet is not going to get your enough sales to be happy, unless you have a great gimick

3rd question also involves knowing your costomer. If you're selling to people in Beverly hills you can get away with charging a little more per tee. However if your going after college students, then a "value" tee is important.

4th question I too am curious. But I do remember reading that some people on this board have made it a full time job, if that gives you any indication.
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