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need slim fit tees For New urban Clothing line - like aa 4400

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Im a currently starting up an urban clothing line in New York. But the Tee shirt fit/style that i am interested is a slim fit. i would love for them to fit like the Calvin Klein 365 which are 95%cotton 5%elestane. or like the american apparel 4400s. if any one has any info on where i can buy a similar BLANK fit in many colors from a manufacturer or distributor i would really appreciate the help as well as you time!!


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Re: need tees For New urban Clothing line

I would try Bare Apparel. They seem to have some really nice high end blanks and very good quality from the feedback I have seen here.
Re: need tees For New urban Clothing line

Thank you sunnydayz for your reply...that is the axact style and fit i am going for but its not a ver competitive price for just starting off. if anyone nows of a site with a similar fit with a wholesale distributor price tag please let me no...THANKS!!
Why don't you use the american apparel ones you saw? They offer them wholesale.

You could also probably find similar slim fit tees at any of the other wholesalers that offer fashion blanks:

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Article1, Alternative Apparel, Continental Clothing, Pacific Sports, Royal Apparel, etc.
thanks rodney...but do you have any info on where i can buy wholesale AA....ifso do i have to be a business?
Some places dont require any tax numbers.

Alpha is one, {their AA is pretty pricey though}

Search around. I found most places will take orders if there is a minimum order of around 250$.

Good luck!
Actually Im not sure if Alpha does need a tax ID.....for US customers.
Im from Canada and I can order form them.....And I never gave them my pst number......
Most places that sell American Apparel will require for you to have a resale number, to be able to order from them and get wholesale pricing.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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