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I have several small niche sites that I just don't have time to promote, so I am going to sell them. However, I have found that many potential buyers are looking for a "CafePress" type store where the products are drop-shipped for them. But with CafePress's prices, the deal is much less attractive.

So, I'm looking for a printer who can print and apply transfers on demand (inkjet or laser) and then ship the shirts. Designs will be provided in your preferred format. All designs will be printed on standard white t-shirts, any major brand of your choice.

It should be an opportunity for you to earn some extra cash with very little effort. I don't really have a feel for the volume at this time. It will really depend on how the new owners promote the sites. But I'm making it clear to potential buyers that they will also need to put some time and money into promotion.

If you are interested, please respond privately with the following information:

1. How long you've been in the t-shirt business.
2. Your location
3. How much you would charge per shirt.
4. Type of blank shirt you would prefer to use (just so I can tell the client.)
5. Turn around time from when we send you the order to shipment.
6. Type of shipping you prefer, and the shipping cost (1 shirt, plus additional cost for additional shirts.) (Note: it is reasonable to add $1 or so per order for handling.)
7. Type of transfers/printer you use.

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