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I have a design that I was givin by a friend who ownes his own company. He is giving me my first start in the NEW T-shirt business. He wants to start with 100 shirts and wants them in lots of different colors, Including darks. The design on the back of shirt is a wizard with 5-6 colors. The company logo on front is two color. My questions are..... whats the best way to put this on shirts? transfers? screen print?
Also, i dont mind buying a heat press but im not looking to invest in the printing eqipment yet. Would it be best to have someone print these for me and I heat press them? if so, any recomendations? or know any good screen press guys?
Any idea what these might cost me per shirt?
He wants a great quality look for these shirts.
Thanks in advance !!!!!!
Mike in Mississippi.
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