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Need recommendations for quality hoodies

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Hello all! We have been selling the J America lace up cotton hoodies with Siser vinyl heat pressed designs for a couple of years and the quality control issues of the hoodies are terrible. About 50% of what we get has crooked pockets or excessive pilling issues we have to return and then we have had a few customers complain of the pilling after one wash and we've witnessed this with our own hoodies as well. It's very hit or miss.

So, we decided to stop selling them for now and tested the same hoodie but in the 100% polyester ones. The quality looks to be much better, but we can't seem to NOT get scorch marks despite lower pressure and temp and using the STAHLS flexible application pad or kraft paper. They are too expensive to manage a lot of returns so I'm wondering...

1. Is there a hoodie you've had good luck with for a long time in terms of quality - no crooked pockets, shrinking or pilling? We love the lace-up but not many options for those.

2. Has anyone mastered doing vinyl on 100% poly hoodies without scorch marks? We have the Fusion press.

Thanks for any recommendations you can pass along. We can't afford to order a bunch for samples and testing so this will help us narrow it down. They are such a good seller I hate to stop selling hoodies altogether.

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if you like to sell cotton/poly blend Independent Trading has good quality hoodies. I buy it from ssactivewear.com
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I agree with @learner

I like the ITC SS4500 for an 8 oz 80/20 cotton/poly and the IND4000 for a 10 oz (this one has a double lined hood, so the hood is 20 oz). Add a "Z" to either model number for a ZipUp version.

The 10 oz is a nice warm hoodie. The weave is tighter than the 8 oz, so keeps out wind pretty well. Probably too warm for people in California, and the like.

These hoodies have longer arms and bodies than typical. They are not a bulky cut, and are side seamed. The cuff and waist elastic is better/tighter than any others I have seen.

S&S carries them. Price is better than J America, from what I have seen.

EDIT: I have at various points in time, and for various reasons, used Hanes and Gildan. Hanes has weak elastic and is cut on the bulky side (which some may prefer). Gildan is neither outstandingly bad, nor outstandingly good, but rather the definition of decent. The Hanes I used is the 9.7 oz 90/10 cotton/poly PrintPro, and they do print well. The Gildan was the 8 oz 50/50 18000 series ... gotta watch your temps with that much poly to avoid sublimation. If you need sizes above 2X, the Gildan maintains 4" increments all the way to 4X; whereas the ITC 3X is really a 2X by measurement; below that size the ITC sizing is consistent with a 4" increment between sizes.
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I've had great luck buying Hanes and Gildan hoodies from sweatshirt warehouse.
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