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I'm looking for a printer that can do DTG on dark colored shirts and screen printing for custom labels. We need a printer that can work with complex gradients on highly detailed designs.

We are looking for a printer capable of handling up to 1,500 DTG shirts per order. For this particular order, we have 10 designs to be printed on 150 shirts each. Each shirt will have one front DTG print (locations on the front will differ per design), and a screen printed custom label. Images for the front of the shirts range from 10"x10" to 4"x4".

The ability to have the images printed in various locations on the shirt (example : center, off center top left, breast pocket, lower left etc...) is a necessity.
As well we need the ability to print one size of a design for a mens shirts and another size of the same design for the womens shirts.

We can supply the shirts but if the printer can supply them it would be preferred. Color selection and hand is important to us. Currently, we're going with American Apparel 2102 for women and Hanes 4980 for men. Designs will be printed on 3 women sizes and 3 men sizes.

We would prefer a vendor along the east coast or specifically the north east for shipping cost reasons.
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