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Have a job:
40 grey shirts, 2 sided
Black type on back
Black type w/ yellow logo on front. Yellow has tight register black outline and white underprint.
Supplied art.
MY estimate now is at about $348. Is this in reality?
Am charging 168 for shirts. and $1.50 per pull per color per shirt. (Not including the white underhit).
Thanks much

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We are all pretty close in price, I ran it through my quote tool and came up with the following.
Large full chest print (LFC) 3-colors with flash
Large full back (LFB) 1-color

with film, screens, flashing on the front and underprint color $10.68 per shirt or $427.20

thats what I would charge for that (all the setups are added in and divided by the number of shirts)
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