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Need Pre-Treatment Supplier in Australia

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HolyShirt are looking for an Australian supplier for light shirt DTG pre-treatment. Any help appreciated.
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I am in QLD, and find inks and pre treatments over charged in Australia for DTG ,I am new corrently have a lemon ,priner arrived from China damaged, when fixed I will research USA importing price as China gets from USA then charge more,Suggest you join the search like us ,will post results if I get some hope you do same back ,cheers Lorraine.:)
We currently import our inks etc from the US, what we need is a supplier in Australia.
OK got you now , try ,
DESIGNWISE, they sell DTG printers but expensive you can google them and go to their web site for prices of inks,they sell more from GJS , other one only has small range, good luck,Lorraine.
Impression Technology in Sydney are the official DTG supplier. They have reps and distributors in most states.

I highly recommend against importing a DTG printer Straight Edge. Its just asking for trouble, and you've already experienced that with youru China one it seems. Most of the purchase price in a DTG is the support you get. Local support is extremely important.
Hi good advice if new to printing, buy local,I will let you know how I get on with my imported printer ,slowy getting it sorted but advise not worth the stress as I put out a lot of money.Lucky I have 10 years digital and manuel printing exp,and can fix problems but definatly not going this way again.The biggest problem was not the company it was the condition it arrived ,158KG,WEIGHT and packed ok,but not put on pallet so got man handled dropped ,tipped, kicked ,whatever,else they could do,what a mess,ink spilt,badly banged up,lucky for insurance but not worth the hassle.don't copy me LOL.:eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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