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I have a Kodiak conveyor dryer (I believe) just like the one pictured here. Recently I moved my equipment to a new shop/garage. I plugged my conveyer dryer into the 220v outlet on the wall and after I turned it on it popped and tripped the breaker. After a little investigation, we found the wall receptical was wired incorrectly and the red (hot) wire was on the neutral pole resulting in the short. After checking the dryer we found the heater still worked but the belt did not. We believe the problem lies in the electronic board attached to the potentiometer. I'm hoping someone might know where I might be able to find that board or parts for this dryer. Or maybe you might have a way to bypass the speed control and "jerry rig it" so I can get back up running again. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



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If you're crafty at all, I'd say 'first things first'

Don't overlook the obvious.

Look over ALL internals for:

Blown Fuses
Melted/Shorted wiring
Blown/Swollen/Leaking Caps
Crumbled or Burnt Resistors
Cracked or Burnt Regulators
Any browned spots on the PCB's

Pull the PCB's out if you need to and really look em over

I can't believe how much stuff I get my hands on for dirt cause it doesn't work right, when it's as simple as a <$1 component to fix.
In many cases, you'll pay more for shipping than you do for the part, when making component level repairs

Don't be afraid to tear her down and give her a good look over..... you could save yourself a heap of money
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