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Need partner for promotion.

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Hi guys, I need help with an advertising company. I made (prinful+etsy) some good products in my opinion, and since I'm use facebook only a few days - I have little chance to show it to the world. I'm from Odessa, and we have other social media. In short, I'm looking for a specialist in this case. From setting up the company in the adv manager to creative solutions. I see some steps, for example to arrange a contest for our products. Maybe there are popular T-shirts fb groups, blogs or bloggers on this theme .... I can easily orient myself at home, but here in the US I dont know where to go and not spend a lot of time. I'm ready to share part of the profit if there is someone who is interested in it and it will have motivation for more efficient work
Check the link in the signature(or "About me" in my profile) for an understanding of what is at stake.
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If you don't get any responses here, there are a LOT of people on FIVERR advertising what you're asking for.

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