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Need new supplier for Dickies 2 tone shirts

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TSC Apparel is no longer carrying the Dickies 2 tone workshirts - TSC Apparel Collection . Does anyone know of another wholesaler that has some in stock, preferably the grey/black? Broder doesn't list them.
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Alphashirt might have that style. Know they carry dickeys brand
Thanks, but Alpha is a division of Broder and they don't have that style shirt.

And Minnesota Workwear doesn't offer wholesale accounts. They only give quantity discounts.

Any other suggestions?
Try MLF Sales

Phone Numbers:
Voice: (800)633-9238
Voice: (847)526-3262
Fax: (847)526-7495

Never ordered from them before, but they supposedly have them.

If it's something you use a lot and you've got the cash, you can always open an account with Dickies lol.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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