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Hello everyone the age old question what printer is best. I had an Epson 1100 with a CIS cobra system that I used to use. It has not been touched in about two to three years to the point that my blue ink has congealed. I used to use JPSS to print on light shirts with it. Now I would like to get back into doing shirts again. I have read a ton of threads on here and watched so much you tube. Now I need some help deciding. The machines I have looked at are the Reveal set up, the Oki WT and the Uni Net 500. I have also looked at the Sawgrass 500 and 800. I also am reading up on the weedless transfer paper but the price per sheet seems really high.
What I am looking to do is transfers on cotton and poly cotton blends. I know that the newer poly shirts have a cotton feel to them but they are more $ and I find people tend to shy away from a 100%poly shirt.

Okay let me have those recomendations, please I hate making decisions.

Karen in MA
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