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I will start with simple introduction. Me and my friend are planning to open our new t-shirts business but we need some realy serious help. I know that some questions can be funny for you guys but I want to gain some knowledge.

We want to make t-shirts with variety of pictures/photos/ images. And the idea to make all those images on 100% cotton t-shirts. I know that it is possible using ciss on printer, Jet pro SS transfer paper and light garment t-shirts. I need more explanations about what kind of ink I need to use, what's the best printers for making these things and so on. So to conclude I will try to write down my questions.

1. What's the best printers for these days (I know that ciss can be installed in variety of printers). And as I am student it is very important to strike somewhere in middle talking about prices. (So I need you guys to explain all prices of printers that market can share). Also I think that A3 and A4 format paper printing would be just advantage.

2. What kind of ink I should use (I know that there are sublimation ink, water based ink and some others).

3. Talking about Jet pro ss transfer paper can it be replaced by other kind of paper in making t-shirts that are 100% cotton?

4. What is the optimal heat press size (talking about platform where t-shirts places - we want to produce women and men sizes)?

I think that is it for now. I am waiting for your responses.

P.S. maybe there is a person that could teach me those things in PM?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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