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After graduation, I was referred by family to a screen printing business. Here, I am in charge of marketing and sales.

The objective is broad: find customers.
The resource is limited: no money for advertising - save sample shirts.

I don't mind resource limitations, as it requires me to think outside the box (the box is so small...).

The company I work for has contract pricing with several business partners, but the prices are so low the company is just breaking even. With limited given resources, I end up wearing different hats: salesperson, customer service, tech support, art guy, general help, etc. I am learning a lot, but I would like to get the company to where it actually is seeing profit.

What I've tried:

Schools (High schools). I've traveled to highschools in local districts to ask questions, deliver price quotes. Some schools have contracts already. Nevertheless, some are interested and have accepted my price quotes.

Politicians (voting season hasn't started yet.)

Clubs and Social gatherings. A lot of possibilities on this one. However, I've joined a Toastmasters club in order to improve public speaking/leadership, hoping to get to know its members and perhaps generate business through word of mouth.
I'm finding it hard to determine the best approach of soliciting sales from clubs without coming off as an obnoxious salesperson, however.

Social media. Facebook, twitter, I use these to locate potential customers and leads.

With virtually no operating budget, my employers should have hired MacGuyver instead. However, I was the next best thing.

Any ideas and feedback are appreciated. Thanks.

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Along with the previous suggestion, you really just need to get out knock on doors, make cold calls, etc, find businesses in your area that are potential customers and put together a line sheet or price list of your services, either mail the info or even better show up in person, the personal touch is always better.

It's not a fun job you have to be able to handle rejection without taking it personal, but it does work, you will get orders, if they are using a competitor try to find out who, and the pricing, you have to be able to offer they a compelling reason to switch to your company....ie price, quality, quick turn around, free art work....etc.

Hope this helps.
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