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Need hoops to fit two different machines

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I have two Brother Machines...one is a 416 and a 916. My 916 is having issues and I went and bought a Tajima Neo Plus to hold me through my orders. I was told that my hoops would fit on the Tajima arms, but they do not.
I was wondering if anyone knew if I can replace my arms on my brother hoops with an arm that would attach to both machines. I would like to keep my brother hoops are they are very strong and you can tighten them with a nut driver instead of the cheesy thumb screw hoops that tajima gives you......
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The only hoops I am aware of that you can get brackets to fit multiple machines would be the Mighty Hoops magnetic frames. We have brackets to attach them to both our SWF and Brother 600/Babylock ENT10.
I'm sure it can be made , but at what cost ? I have some brother standard frames for the PR 650 that I don't use A picdture of the bracket you need would tell if it is an easy fix
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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