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Need help...yet again. Mac/Epson 7010/ICC

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Need your expertise, yet one more time.

Purchased a WF 7010 & a CIS System, with High Temp Inks from Cobra Ink Systems. Installed above system, no issues.

Downloaded ICC profiles from Cobra, for appropriate inks & printer and am now stumped.

1. How do I install & use ICC profiles for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop?

2. Do I need a different driver other than the one Epson provided?

I am so eager to get this rolling and can't believe I'm stumped at this stage. Because I can only work on the sublimation process in the evening..can't quit my day job yet ;)...I can't access Richard's support, live.

If anyone could lend a hand tonight, I'd be greatly appreciative.
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So.....Richard at Cobra, let me know that his website contained a video with the instruction on how to install the ICC files on a Mac. Just so you all know, it was a very complete, step-by-step, idiot (me) proof video.

I was so worried about installing everything properly, I overlooked the link on the site.

Thank you Cobra!
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