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I was watching a video on YouTube and seen some stuff I am interested in doing. I tried contacting the author of the movie but never got a reply. The movie is:

CorelDRAW design and separations with no rip halftones - YouTube

At: 4:38 in the video they open a document with crosshairs and registration marks. I know that CorelDraw X6 has registration marks in the separation settings but they are real hard for me to see when printed on the screen. I want the marks like the ones used in this video. Does anyone have these or something similar that I could use?

At 6:15 in the video they mention a Oberon Color Replacement Macro. I have found this macro and the updated version for CorelDraw X6. But this has got me wondering: Are there any other good free esential macros for CorelDraw for screen printing purposes? The only macro I have ever used is the file converter.

Lastly (not pertaining to this video), is there such a macro for CorelDraw X6 that is similar to Adobe Bridge that makes pdf thumbnails (contact sheets/catalogs)? BUT not just a plain sheet.... Look at this example:

Go to:
Free EPS Clipart - Free PDF Catalogs - Vinyl Ready Vector Graphic

And click on any PDF catalog for any of their collections. When the pdf opens you will see that they have a nice header and border around all of the thumbnails. I am looking to make something similar.

Thank you so much for all of the help!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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