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Need help with screen managment software, crm, tracking, accounting etc

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Hi All,

I am new to the business but have already been exposed to the nightmare quoting can be for jobs that come in as we are a retail store front. I was looking at various software solutions but don't know enough about about the companies and limitations within. I was hoping to find a solution that would work with downloading of catalogs, asi, promotional, embroidery, heat transfers etc. The goal is to have my sales people up front while I process orders in the back without spending a ton of time having to train them pricing on everything. I have been checking out Tboss, t-quote-robohead, and fastmanager. My main fear is that the company could go out of business or you are stuck with one system for life.

I wanted to see what everyone out there is using and what companies and functionality has been KEY to success for the company. I want to streamline the company to take away room for error.

We have inksoft, but can't use it for everything :( It really is slick though!! ANY thoughts would be helpful. Thanks ALL!!
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