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Need help with next transfer/sublimation step

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Hi guys, my wife and I run a screen printing, embroidery, & sign shop. We've recently seen a dramatic increase in requests for <20 shirts, license plates, and all kinds of typical dye sub stuff. We have been handling the small quantity shirt requests by using inkjet transfers (from our Epson 1800) but only after explaining that the life of the product is not as good as screen printing. We're using good quality paper and haven't had any trouble but we want to accommodate these other requests because the margin is so damn high on these small orders.

I know dye sub is only for man-made fabrics so my question is this - is there a printer out there that will allow us to do dye sub and transfers for cotton from a single device?
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Single answer...... No...not successfully that I am aware of
Agreed. After years of trying, it is better to
purchase two printers.
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