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Hey! I'm fairly new to screen printing. I usually print with 110 mesh and a speedball emulsion but I decided to branch out and buy some affordable professional emulsion from screeningsuppliesstore.com. I bought the cheapest they had which was a quart of xenon dual cure water resistant emulsion for textiles (and the fact that it was hot pink was a bonus ??)
Anyways, I've tried the anthem exposure calculator at least 5 times with no luck. Either it's under exposed or over exposed. I can't get a perfect exposure! I don't have a high pressure sprayer or anything like that. I've been rinsing them in my tub with some help from a soft sponge or my fingers.
Does anyone have this emulsion? Anyone know the correct exposure time? I use a 250 watt bulb about 10 inches away from my screen which has white 110 mesh. Any help is appreciated!!
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