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Hi all,
I've been reading up for a long while now and finally decided it was time to buy an M2 printer.
Coming from a signwriting background I have a bit of knowledge but have quickly discovered this is nothing like solvent printing.
I'm having a bit of an issue with Black shirts loosing vibrancy and looking dull and dark. I have attached a copy of the artwork and the print for reference.
settings are
92 underbase
all others 100
White is 4 pass dot type medium
colour is 4 pass dot type medium
Profile is All media black garment.

Any advice from some seasoned experts is very much welcome


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-What brand/fabric is the shirt?
-What pre-treatment method are you using?
-What pre-treatment liquid are you using?
-How much pre-treatment are you applying?
-How are you drying the pre-treatment?
-How are you curing the ink?
AS Colour shirts.
PTM Machine
DGtech brand pretreat
a modest amnount. More than a mist but not soaking
I'm pressing the shirts for 40-50 seconds to dry
Press shirts for 2 mins at 165c with medium pressure applied
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