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Thanks for sending me the art file. Ok. So based on the design there is no bitmap image. Basically what the creator did was take the photo of the girl and did a vector trace. So now the whole design is in vector. There is also a white star on top of the word du and a white registration mark next to the letter C. Is this going on a colored shirt? If this is going on a white shirt then you probably need to change the color of the star and the registration mark. Because the girl is so small I don't see why you should put brown. Also you wont be able to get the details in the girls clothing. It looks like you could just use pink, black, gray, flesh and white if it is on a colored shirt.

There is also no spot colors in the art file. It is in cmyk and you need to assign spot colors. Even though it is a vector file you really don't want to mess with the thousands of pieces that make up the girl. So you should do it in photoshop. If you want to keep it in vector quality with sharp edges just open up in photoshop with anti aliasing off and set resolution from 600 to 900. This keeps the image sharp like a vector.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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