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Hello everybody,

First of all, English is not my native langage so I might do spelling and grammar mistakes.

I am currently an intern in a company that prints on textiles. I have an illustration here that will be printed into a t-shirt. Unfortunately, I don't know how to separate this illustration into different layer that will welcome pantone color.

I'll try to explain a little further. My boss sended an .ai file (which contains vector and bitmap informations) to an abroad company which create such separate "layers" (don't know the exact word) to use them to do silk screen printing. He then received a layer for the black, one for the pink color, one for brown, one for red and then one for flesh color.

My question is the following one : how do these guys manage to obtain such differents layers ? I mean, I can easily obtain layers for vector base graphic. But I don't know how to get layers for the bitmap image. I tried using AccuRip, but it only create separate layers for spot colors. I tried SeparationStudio but I'm new to this piece of software.

Sorry if this is kinda hard to understand, but I've been in this company since monday, so I'm new to silk screen printing. I want to find some solutions for the company's problems so I might get hired.

Thanks in advance, don't hesitate to ask question for further informations.
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