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I have a terrible time trying to heat press caps. I either wrinkle the transfer or put a crease in it. Can anyone give me some good advice on the correct way to do caps?

Casey . . practice w/ a piece of paper (the size of the design)
and a cold hat press
while your practicing . . do your pressing in slow motion and keep your eyes
on the angles that are giving you the most trouble

do you fold out the headband from the inside of the hat/cap?
after you pull the tighting bar down, are you holding down that bar tighter to help make the cap snug before actually pulling the press down onto the cap?

are your caps a 5 panel or 6 panel cap?
are your caps a high profile or a low profile?
are you looking to see -- where the actual center point of the design area
is on your cap?

if I can think of some of the questions I use to ask . . I will add them to the list

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