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Hello,,I am having a lot of difficulty loading colors into my machine.

0 stitches first color
1 needle first color
2 needle. 2nd color
3 needle. 3rd. Color
4 needle. 4th. Color

Then when it sews
1st color. Good
2nd color. Good
3rd color. Wrong
4th color. Wrong

I can switch it all around to make it work but it is so frustrating.

I'm getting messed up at the 0stitches and the first Stitch I think.

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You have posted this in the "Embroidery Pricing" section of the forum, which is only seen by members who have logged in to the site. I don't know the answer to your problem, but if you move this post to the "Embroidery" section then you will reach more people and surely get an answer.
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