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Hi guys, I'm new here.
I'm working on t-shirt design that will be screen printed.
But I'm stuck on a shape that I couldn't make properly, I hope you guys will kindly help me get this sorted out.

I want to put circle in the middle of the t-shirt, the circle is fading on its edges and the texture of the circle is a kind of fabric.
Please look at this image for better understanding.


This image shows a quarter of a circle.
What I need is a full circle with the same effect.
I will need it for a tshirt that will be screen printed.

Your help is much appreciated.

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i found this looking for a "halftone circle"

here's a "halftone hole"

another halftone hole

there was a really good black and white one i couldn't get a link to, but there's even more stuff under the label that was attatched to it... halftone dots pattern

if you find the right pattern, it should be nothing to reverse it, colorize it then blur it to simulate illumination

you best bet might be the keywords
halftone circle gradient
circular gradiant

there's a lot more of them under the 2nd to last keyword search on google
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