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Hi there.

A couple of local Veterans groups have approached me about creating some custom shirts for them to sell.

They are looking for 2-4 designs with 2-3 colors each in them. (Halftones are fine, I have RIP)

I've never outsourced graphic design work before (I'm "okay" at design but most projects I take are simple HS Sports team booster shirts and the like) but family issues have much of my attention these days. Plus, I've always wanted to outsource to a pro and take the design stress off of me. :) This is the perfect chance to do that.

This project doesn't have a huge budget but I'm also not looking for a $15 design and have no issues with paying a pro. If I find the right person to work with, there will be more work in the future.

Please PM me and I can give more details and answer questions. Trying to move on this soon.

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