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Hello everyone!
I have to press some names on some 100% polyester Nike Dri-Fit shirts for our main client, but they seem to heat sensitive and says "Use cool iron" on label.

I've pressed Easyweed & Easyweed Stretch on similar Nike Dri-Fit tank tops earlier this week, and at 265-270 F with medium to high pressure (stretch needs high pressure), I'm still getting a lightly discolored or faded box where I pressed with my heat press pillow.

Any suggestions for a low temp shirt vinyl or how to prevent the "box" when pressing?

I've read online that Chemica Hotmark Revolution is low temp and can press at 230-245, but only one person in this forum (so far) seems to have used it.

Thank you!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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