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Need help trouble shooting plastisol heat trans

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Hey guys, I am trying to make some plastisol heat trans for tees. The problem is when I press them some or all of the ink peels off with the paper. I had taken a class that briefly went over the proses but when we did it there most of the ink remained on the shirt, when I do it whole sections of the artwork is left on the paper and what is on the shirt peels right off. I have tried pressing the shirts from 10 sec to 20 sec at 350F. and bot hot and cold peeling the paper. Does this sound like something adhesive power would fix or is there something I’m doing wrong like over flashing or something like that? Any help yall can offer is appreciated.
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I am sure adhesive powder would help, but you should not have to have it. What ink are you using and are you sure that you are not curing the transfers at to high of a temp prior to pressing?
I was using Ryonet White 54D-16C because it was all I had in the shop but I just got my supply order in and have some Union Ink Maxotrans super-white MITR-1000. From what I understand this ink is made specific for this kind of printing so I hope that will help. I am curing the transfers with my little Black-Body Flash which has no adjustment other than distance so I kept a laser thermometer on the trans as it cured and pulled it when it got to 240F. this was more a shot in the dark than anything.
Just finished trying the new ink and had the same results. Any ideas?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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