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Hello. I'm currently printing one-off t-shirts DTG via a third party who fulfil and send to the customer. The service is pretty good however I find the quality and finishing of the products a bit inconsistent so I'm thinking the only way to improve it is to bring it in-house. This would also allow me to add inserts, improve the packaging and I can be 100% sure I'm happy with what's being sent out, it would however add to my workload.

The t-shirts feature a chest or pocket design (black, white or grey) and some small text (14px) towards the bottom of the shirt.

The main part of the design could certainly be done with vinyl but the small text can't.

I have looked and received a sample of white toner transfer and they are really sharp but it's a big investment and I have concerns about the longevity of the print.

I print on white, black or grey 100% cotton t-shirts.

Any thoughts or suggestions of alternative methods would be much appreciated as I'm going around in circles! Thanks
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