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Need Help! Seperation of logo?

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Alright I was given a logo to work with in a gif format. I thought I knew how to do this but I am seeing I lack certain qualities and need to get a bit more help.

I need to have this logo seperated by color (as its going to be a plotter image)

Can ANYBODY help me? I really want to learn how to do this.

Thanks so much in advance and please feel free to ask any questions.


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Are you going to print on white? I would do it as a vector, either using illustrator or inkscape.

Not sure about illustrator, but inkscape is a open source vector program, and what I would do is import it as a jpg, and then do an auto trace. It would be much easier to separate the colors that way.
It is being printed on a sports grey shirt. I just need it seperated enough to change out vinyl colors.
I am not too sure i understand how too. Whereas I thought I did.
It is being printed on a sports grey shirt. I just need it seperated enough to change out vinyl colors.
I am not too sure i understand how too. Whereas I thought I did.
Have a look at this? YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. it might help.
The link didn't link me to anything specific? Just youtube itself.
Ill help you but I cant until this evening after i'm done printing all of todays orders. What program are you using and what file format do you want?

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I have Corel Draw X5. Right now the image is a GIF file. I need it vectorized.

It is being print on vinyl..so I need it so I can print them by color.

I am thankful for your help.

Is there a better way to keep in contact with you.
that distressed black is going to be a nightmare to weed and to keep from peeling off the shirt
I think I posted the wrong image.

I need this image not the other:

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I have it vectored for you BUT>...it needs a lot of clean up...multi layers...etc...send me your email and I will send it to you in x5 format and pdf.. once you ungroup the image you can see the issues...also when you view in wireframe
I would say that the tbal image is the absolute worst to do...but then I have not tried them all!!...I vectorized it and the amount of gradients and extraneous stuff is pretty high...send me your email and I will send it to you..

I use a commercial program but you can download inkscape ...it is free....and does a pretty good job on vectorization
Hi, please redraw it in coral to see as it is, then you'll see it same without destroying pixels.

I have been pulling my hair out all freaking day! The tball one is going to make me cry.
The tball design doesnt have to maintain colors. Because I am cutting it out on the plotter. I just need it to where I can just fix it up. Vectorized. I will be forever greatful for anybody who could help. I can offer you some free hosting for a site or something.

Thanks so much
i understand your problem but this forum is based on helping people learn how to do things, not doing it for them as there is no file sharing allowed.

you need to learn how to import or place that image into coreldraw, lock it off and use it a a template, then redraw it from scratch.

OR use a outsource company that does the conversion for a fee. there are a couple of services that are advertised on this site.

when you do redraw it you use layers (in illy, not sure about corel) to do one color at a time. in your case one for green and one for white. you then only the selected layer to the cutter for each color.

the design isn't that hard. the hardest thing is finding the fonts.
I understand this. I don't want it handed to me on a golden platter persay, I need help. i don't understand my p rogram as I thought. I need to figure it out how to get it redrawn. I could even use the wording as a curve.
gotcha. not trying to bust your chops. we all start out somewhere. my advice to you is not take in jobs until you have the knowledge and skill with the programs to accomplish the task. believe me i've been using software packages for over twenty years and still don't know everything. in fact in some areas i'm still a newbie too.

if i were to redo the baseball logo i would import it and lock it down to use it as a template to redraw. using the pen tool i'd start off by doing the white outline that goes around the whole design. it's obviously got a stroke on it so bump that up. remember to do separate layers for each color. then you've got a couple of other lines and objects that should be no problem for you.

as i mentioned before finding the fonts will be the first thing you should worry about. once you have those (might want to post another thread asking for font identification) you'll have to do the D and S separately so they can be sized differently than the rest of the word diamonds. that type will have to be either set to a path or warped (don't know what it is in coreldraw).

re-post when you get the fonts.
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as I posted, i have it vectorized....but need your email to sens
email : chad8604 @ sbcglobal . net

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