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Need Help Please

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We have been contracted to sell Tournamnet T-Shirts and Hoodies at a local rink for their Thanksgiving Tournament. Can someone give me some pointers on what not to do...

We are planning on using the jetpro soft stretch heat transfer paper. Do you feel the paper give good quality transfer or should I get the transfers proffessionaly printed?

They are expecting 200+ participants plus then you have Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas etc.

The ages are from 5-15. Those that have done this in the past would you say you sold more T-Shirts or Hoodies. Would you offer both short and long sleve T's?

We are going to offer names and numbers on the garments via vinyl heat transfer.

Anyone have a good price point for T's and Hoodies? We were thinking:

$15 Tshirt
$25 Hoodie
$2 For name and number

Any help/advise would greatly be appreciated!!

Would you carry everything from YS - AXXL??

Thanks again!
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If all the shirts are white then you could use the inkjet paper. If you are using color shirts then you should definitely have a custom transfer made. I assume they are all the same design. The preprinted custom transfers will probably give a more professional look if is a one color lettering, a logo, etc.
we are using an ash color...hoping the inkjetpaper will be ok. Would hate to order 150 transfer and sell 75....
You will not get as sharp an image in the ash color. I would try printing an ash color shirt to check the results with the inkjet paper.
I hope you come back and tell us what you did, and show us apic,
Hey don, show us some of this great paper you are talkingabout,and some things made from it,,
what kind of paper and heat press, temp, for whites or darks?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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