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Hello everyone,
I have a question for the group, I have a customer who wants garments (sweatshirts and Ts) for his towing company. He does not want Safety garments with the tape pre-installed, he wants his logo on front and back in reflective.
I know my options, screen print with reflective ink, spectra reflect heat applied and reflective transfers.
My question is what is best?
The design is 2 color.
Spectra Reflect seems to chew up my cutting blade (he wants 70 total garments)
I have never seen transfer express reflective, is it any good?
I don't think screen printing will work because you cant flash reflective ink, and the job is 2 color.
I know cad cut like spectra reflect would be the best for reflectiveness but I don't want to change blades every 4 shirts.
Which leads me to the question, how much would you charge for this job done with spectra reflective? I think the price is going to drive him to another option like getting saftey shirts and letting me do normal screen printing on them.

Any help would be appreciated.
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