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Need Help on the ROland GX w/optical eye

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I am currently using the Roland GX w/ optical eye for cutting vinyl. I have recently ventured into trying to cut transfer paper and I am having issues. Here is my issue: I makes my design on the computer import into the Art Cut program and I am able to get my registry marks and send the graphic to the printer. All good up to here. I load the printed transfer paper into the Roland and it sometimes reads the registry marks, and also the major issue being instead of cutting the outlined curves that were set up for portrait, it cuts in landscape format and nowheres near the printed graphics. Can someone please help me, I have tried many different set-ups and nothing is helping. I just want to produce a custom T-shirt.....!!
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Before you send your job to the printer in cut studio.you need to align the registration marks in the print and cut setup in cut studio. Then you can send your job to the printer and that you load job back into the cutter then you can cut your job.
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