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Hi there everyone ... thank you in advance for your help ... I haven't been around in ages and just thinking of getting back into the tshirt business again! My niece joined a small local group and they want tshirts made for doing parades this summer ... she is in charge of ordering them, so she come to me lol and I am coming to all of you ... THE EXPERTS!!! They are looking for black (not sure why when they are very hot in the sun) tight fit female tshirts with silver letters (Govenaires Colorguard) on two lines across the chest or however she wants to design them! Have several question ... first what would be the best tshirt?First try and google wholesale aparrel in your area,mabey youll get lucky and live close enough to go see samples before you buy.also if you do order you can pick them up and avoid shipping charges.if you do order online,get a sample to check with customer. second ... do you think that would look ok black tshirt with silver lettering?yes,black/silver is very nice third ... what is best vinyl or plastisol?
A plastisol transfer is created via screen printing with plastisol ink, onto a release tranfer paper sheet. It is created the same way a shirt that is plastisol screen printed is created, with screens and inks.
A vinyl transfer, on the other hand, is created from a sheet of vinyl material.

fourth ... where is the best place to get the vinyl or plastisol done (I can press them)?Try a local screen printer or check out the preferred vendor list on the left hand navigation column on this forum. fifth ... would 2 inch letters work ok? if so, what size shirt should you increase the letters (ie 2X or 3x)?Govenaires is 10 letters x's 2" letters= 20" plus you got to add in the space between each letter prolly looking at 24 " by the time your done...id say that might be too big for a womans T.try for a 1".

Also, anyone know where to get plastisol or vinyl cut to make tshirts for dart teams? I am constantly asked for them. I have only done photographic tshirts ... never done vinyl ... maybe its time to get a vinyl cutter hehehe!
KNK Maxx 24" rhinestone edition with ACS Software$1499.00
I choose this becuase I want a cutter to weed around the transfers Im going to print off my epson and it will also cut vinyl for transfers and it will do rhinestone templets.

Epson 1400 ink jet printer $299.00
epson heat tranksfer refillable ink system with chromium pro pigment inks $99.95,
Transfer papers for light and dark shirts

hope this helps.good luck!
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