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right now i have 4 stores that offer to custom print t-shirts for the customer. At the moment i print one at a time but also do bulk orders. A few weeks back a new shop opened in one of the malls i have a store in. It offers the same service as us but is a huge leap ahead of up in terms of what that offer. They can customize t-shirts better then i can do because they have custom fonts colours and vectors. I realized i have to modernize my store if i have any chance of competing with them.

Right now my store does vinyl printing but it seems there designs are better then ours. They can add up to 3 colours togeather in 1 t-shirt and also there designs seem impossible to peel. i dont know how they do it!!!! i know its vinyl because of the feel.

Also their designs are all very appealing. Right now my shop prints words and simple designs, but the other store prints what looks like complex Graffite (what the target market likes) also there words have cool extentings and look like a graphics designer created a personlized design for each customer. How do i get these designs, do i have to contract an artist or something?

Thirdly I think I have to buy a DTG, what printer required the least maitenence because my stores are all operated by computer and printer illterate employees (they dont even know how to replace the ink T_T).

Lastly I think to mordernize my business i have to start a website. How do i do this? do i have to hire a website designer and how can i take money in from a website?

thanks in advanced

Joey =)

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Hi Joey :)

Welcome to the forums :) I think that if you are going to get a dtg for your mall store, that is low on maintenance I would not get one that prints on dark garments, but one that only prints lights. The brother gt541 has a very good reputation for printing on light garments only and does not requirer much to print with it, as it does not use a rip program, where as all the others do, so that would be an extra thing to learn for your employees. I think the brother would be a fairly easy machine to learn.

also for some great graphics for dtg printers you should check out digital art solutions. They have a ton of designs that are super easy to customize with their program smart designer. Its really very simple to use.

Those are the easiest ways I can think to modernize that would be the most effective adding a dtg with new updated graphics. If you need any other help just ask. Also our dtg section here is full of information that might help to learn what the differences are of the machines, and what they can do. It does sound like you should steer clear of any machine that prints white ink though, as you really need to know what you are doing to run them, and your employees could get you into trouble with that one haha.
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