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I am looking to get involved with the right person(s) to help them market their line. I am only looking for a specific genre of clothing though. Anything geared towards the new trend of grunge type T's like Affliction, Obey, Manchester, Ed Hardy, etc etc we all know them.

The reason I am looking for this type of line only is because I have some connections and contacts I can use. I am not looking for a fee or anyhting like that, I don't want money from you, I want to make us money. So you make the shirts, I get rid of them, pay any costs and split it. If we can make some good money off the bat we can outsource the work and can both concentrate on marketing. As long as we are both contributing.

If you have any examples, that would be great. Not looking for any newbies to T-shirt making either. As far as I know, its pretty rough making these types of garments, so you will need to know what your doing. If you do not have your own designs, but can at least do this type of work, then we are good to go. The main thing is that you at least know how, and can do it.

If you are interested, let me know and we can talk more to see if we can work together on this. Thanks for your time.
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