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Me and my boss would like to put up a shop that sells basically lifestyle stuffs such as shirts, notebooks, bags, etc...

We would like to focus on the shirt printing. Can you please help me on what machines to produce (brand, model, etc... if you can give me the site or anything that can help us...)

I have some basic silk screen printing background back in the Philippines. But i havent tried photo emulsion. Ive seen some of this machines that has like 8 arm or an octopus like setup. Does it do some photomanipulation too? Any help u could give will be appreciated. Money is not a problem for my boss. We just like to know what machines to buy, how many people we need and all infos on starting a shirt biz.


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You can find some good information on screen printing or heat press (depending on which method you are going to use for decoration) in the various categories here at T-Shirt Forums.

Here's the screen printing forum:

Here's the heat press section:

You can find information about good machines to buy by searching those forums for past discussions or if you can't find the information in a search, you can always post a new topic in those specific areas.

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