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Need HELP!How do I price a customer who want his vinyl cut.

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I have customer continue to come by to get there vinyl cut for t shirts. They have a heat press but don't have a cutter. Do anyone know how to price them on cutting their vinyl on my cutter ?
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If they are providing the vinyl, charge them whatever your normal hourly rate is.. They are using your time, you should be compensated accordingly.
You are helping your competition get a foothold in the business.
If this is a local biz that you are doing this for, I would look at what Stahls charges for cad cut and double it. If you are sending this job to a far far away person, then I would charge $65 per hour. This will cover the wear and tear on your machine and blades as well as your time to cut and weed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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