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Hello everyone! I humbly admit that I am a total newbie. :) I am going to ask some questions probably that have been asked numerous times. (sorry) I do hope that you can give me your professional opinion and help me out. It would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated.

Let me just get to the point. I am passionate about a certain message, and am going to start a business selling shirts mainly, maybe hats, hoodies, beanie, etc with this message.

I have my target audience, I also have a professional designer working on graphics who has done work for shirt companies many times. I've got a clear idea of the website. So, I have the ball ready to start rolling.

My questions are:

1. Is it better to buy the equipment, and print them yourself when starting? (I can only fork out about $5,000 cash for equipment...possible to get a business loan)

2. Where is the best place to go for getting my designs printed on shirts, that I would sell on my website?

3. If I am looking at printing shirts like THIS what kind of equipment would I need for producing them?

4. What is the list of equipment you would suggest to get?

5. What brand/model of shirts to you suggest to be the best for the wear and comfort, as well as most affordable to buy in bulk for selling?

6. What books, website, video, or whatever do you suggest for someone wanting to learn how to use the equipment to make the shirts?

7. What is a good rule of thumb price scale to follow? Like for instance, say the cost is 1.80 for printing and the shirt is 6.00, what is a good "sale price"?

The other side of that question is what is the ideal printing cost, and t-shirt cost? Is there a good scale to follow for this?

Alright I think that covers it. I am sorry for being such a newb and asking the same questions a lot of you probably deal with everyday.

Thanks so much for your time!
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