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Need help getting my logo rigtht

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Hi all!

I've recently bought a Ricoma 15 needle emboiderymachine. And I bought DecoStudio e1 with it (last week)

Now I've got tons of eps files to play with. And ofcourse everybody starts with their own logo. So was I.

But I can't get my logo to look good.
I have no problems with most of my designs, but my logo looks terrible.
I've used the fonts Artbrush and Planet Kosmos in it. And I know it can be done. An other compagny used our logo in their designs (with permission) and that looked great. Even in 2,5 inch wide.

I can't get my logo looking anywhere near that quality, at 5 inch wide :)

Someone some good tips?
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:)Without seeing your logo it is near impossible to give you any suggestions, can you post a jpg of the finished logo on the material that it is to be sewn on. This way We may see it and provide you with some possible assistance.
Sorry, fortgot it :rolleyes:

Here is my logo as jpg.
Later today I'll try to make a photo of one of my results, they are all terrible.


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What part of the logo are you having problems with? I'd almost bet it's the outline colors...

If it is, try using a smaller needle and 60 weight thread. You will be able to get a much finer line.
I dont know how much embroidery you have done...but digitizing is an art. The wife took a months worth of classes before she got good with it. It is worth it to really learn the software and do it manually....the autodigitizing on most software is terrible in comparison.

I took a look at your artwork, first if you are using an auto digitizing setting it appears that this may be a problem area. Some of the black lettering is connected to and part of the outlining of various areas. I attempted to break apart this lettering but so far have been unable. The outlining on "Styling Xtreme" needs to be totally seperate and IMO the last thing sewn. For the outlining on this I myself would use a bean or a double run outline using cord gap to get the stitch legnth correct in all areas. Due to the size of your logo you will have to experiment but may do best with a fill pattern for all the lettering and the orange highlite a satin. I'll look at your next picture to see how your work is coming.

Take care, Bob:)
I've been digitizing for years and I'm still learning. Don't expect to learn it all that quick. There is a reason it's called an art. I do get tired of these salespeople telling everyone all you have to do is import a vector file and it is automatically done. They need to be shot:) That looks like a pretty simple straight forward design. Is it not sewing well or it doesn't look good on your screen? One of the problems is that even at 5" wide, some of the lettering is under 1/4". Most of us always recommend that as the minimum size. Anything under that , usually requires different underlay, and spacings. As mentioned, a 60 wt thread will help with clarity, although I can go down to .18 using 40 wt by using special techniques. Practice, practice , practice:) Learn to digitize manually so you will know what to look for and appreciate the art more. If you are doing it manually and still need more help, email and we'll see what is going on.

Thank you all for these good replies.
I can design in Corel, no problem. I create decals (Summa plotters) for over 5 years now, but this is something completely different.

Love to learn it. But English is not my native language. I'm Dutch and live in The Netherlands. So the new terms I hear are hard to understand at first.
Sure I will get the hang of it sooner or later.
But I can't wait to get it done.

Now I've tried it different.
Styling Xtreme is disconnected from the Planet Kosmos text.
I've told DecoStudio to use a run stitch for those lines.
The orange X can be a satin stitch. Tried that before and looks great.

The text stickerland is the most difficult. In satin it looks terrible (the characters are too close to each other and the holes in te e, a and d are closed)
Now I'm trying to use a fill stitch for this part.

I'll keep you posted. Now I'm gonna try this new design out. :)
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The good thing is you can continue to learn by experimenting with your own inhouse work, and subcontract out commercial digitizing pretty inexpensively for work customers are paying you for. There are companies where you can upload your design and for an inexpensive flat fee will digitize the artwork for you.
Here are some of my attempts. The one with the dark blue background is the last attempt.

I like the running stitch. Is clean enough. The text stickerland is better now (much better than my previous attempts), but I'm still not there.

The tests on the light blue denim are different. The text Styling Xtreme is a satin standalone. Like it anyway :p

But there too.... this stickerland text..... :(


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Did you ever get you logo looking right. I'd be happy to do it for free! Been doing this about 15 years. email a clean sharp image file to [email protected]
Still no succes (enough...)

Email is send.
:) You are not forgotten, Just been busy with business and have not had the time but will get back to you in next few days. :)
:) Check your pm for a dst and give it a try.:)
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