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Need help finding very large t-shirts 10x

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Hello all,

Im new to the site and was hoping you could help me out. Im a very large person, and wear 10x sized shirts. I have always bought my clothing online and through specialty shops, but the cost is seriously high. I've decided to start making some tee shirts to cut down on the cost of buying from specialty retailers. Just want some tees to wear around the house and to ballgames and such.
My problem is finding a site to sell me blank 10x shirts. I'd like to purchase maybe 50 tees in one order. Short sleeved, and I prefer a shirt thats not too thin as far as material goes. However, I'd take what I could get.
If you can direct me, I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you all so much in advance.
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Re: Need help finding very large tees

hi there,

"cost is seriously high".... i bet.

Start making your own and sell them. :) ... who knows, may be you will make some extra cash for yourself, you can call it 10xT.

no idea where to buy them cheap, sorry. May be someone else here can be of more help.
Re: Need help finding very large tees

Typical brands like gildan, jerzees, etc go up to 5X. Do you have a t-shirt that you like, that is 10X? If so, lookup the rn number on the tag, to see who manufactures it, and go from there.
Re: Need help finding very large tees

You could try contacting a site like this one to see if they can sell to you wholesale:

They go up to 10x
robotcow.com is a t-shirt site that goes up to a 10X (they sell printed t-shirts, not blanks) - they're the only one I know of (other than extraugly.com, which is owned by the same person). They charge $33 for a 10X, so it's actually slightly cheaper than buying them blank from the site linked above (unless they'll do you a wholesale price).

I believe the site owner said he uses Gildan, but I'm not sure. You could try contacting Gildan and seeing what they can do. You could also try contacting the site I mentioned and seeing if they'll tell you their source (I have no idea if they'd be forthcoming or not, but it doesn't hurt to try). If you like their shirts they also offer discounts on bulk orders.
These guys wholesale up to 8x urban cut blanks. http://www.wholesaledirectusa.com/index.cfm
Re: Need help finding very large tees

Start making your own and sell them.
If this guy is wearing 10X he's liable to drop dead from a heart attack from pushing the needle through the fabric...

My suggestion to the OP: lose weight. If you're in a 10X you're one fat sumbiatch.
Wow Rick, great first post there...AND to top it off you bumped a 4 year old thread! So, I guess it is a great first post because it showed us your intelligence level!
Not to revive such an ancient thread but I need help finding 10XL shirts for a customer.

www.wholesaledirectusa.com does/did go up to a 10XL but they are going out of business and are only selling if you are ordering $1,500.00 or more.

There is a person on eBay selling custom made for $39.99 per shirt.

Wholesaledirectusa.com used to sell the 10XL tees for $40.00 a dozen (dirt cheap).

My other suppliers only go to a 6XL or 7XL.

Does anyone know of a place selling these huge 10XL t-shirts currently?

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