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need help finding font.

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hello friends. i have a client that came to me with a hand drawn design. the design has two letters in the center and will have writing around them in the same style lettering as the center initials. does anyone know of a font that closely matches the letters in the image i posted? thanks.


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Try WhatTheFont! « MyFonts although with 2 interlinked hand drawn letters not likely to help, however, you can post to their forum where a ton of font guru's hang out and you might get some help - not that there are not font guru's here as well that might help, I'm not one so the link is best I can do.
Judging by the proportions of the bar on the T and the shape of the D, I'm pretty sure that's an original typeset, not a font you'll find, although you may find something similar.
The D looks awfully familiar (i.e. similar to a logo or book/movie title) but I still haven't been able to place it. I couldn't find a font similar to it with Identifont or on my system.
hey guys thanks for your help. i had no luck finding anything close enough so i told him to just pick something from dafont and we could go with that, or i could do the wording by hand and match his font and charge him the artwork. we'll see what he decides on. thanks again guys.
Try Desdemona, it's similar...
@ arizona..yeah i showed him the desdemona but he didnt like how some letters swooped up and some down.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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