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Need help finding a good paper & printer to work together

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I had a disaster printing inkjet transfers. I was told Epson & special inks were the way to go by some people. Another guy told me to avoid inkjet completely & after what happened, I definitely want to switch to laser, but am having big problems figuring out what kind.
I bought an HP & called to order the TechniPrint 4.0 paper, but the supplier told me it wouldn't work with the color laser machine I just dropped $400 on. So I can take it back (minus a restocking fee), but now I need to make sure of a combo that will work before ordering, so I need any help I can get. I really need to stay under $500.
So I know that's a really broad question, but I need some input. I don't understand why some paper works with some machines & not others. I do understand the laser printing process and can't see how any transfers make it through the machine without melting. Any help, please?
If there are certain machines that work really well with transfers, what are they? Are certain brands better? I've always been partial to Canon. Are there certain papers that work with a wider range of machines? I'm so confused now I don't know which way is up.
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The machine I have is a HP CLJ CM1312nfi MFP, in case there's any good paper that will work with it.
They told me the same thing that my HP would not work but It does just put it on the highest settings. here is a shirt I did with the paper and my HP. I made more but sorry no pictures. I have had no trouble accept wrong temp on heat press nothing to do with my HP they said won't work.


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Oki C6150 color laser and Image Clip paper works great for me. The Oki has a bypass tray so the paper has a straight path.
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I agree, oki is the way to go.
I recommend the 5000 or 8000 series.
Go to YouTube and search for "image clip" and Okidata
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Ok, then. I'm looking for Oki printers. I'm just too afraid or ruining my HP & being out all that money. I think the supplier told me to look for a 5000 or 6000 series Oki. If anybody disagrees, please tell me. Or if anybody thinks I shouldn't be going with the TechniPrint paper.
Thank you!!!
can anyone give an idea of how much do they approximately cost? the 5000 or the 8000 series.

I ended up getting an Oki 3400 and using TechniPrint 4.0. I'm not happy with the print quality, but it sure won't wash off!
There are lines in the print. The machine prints beautifully on plain paper, but it looks funny when you print on the transfer paper - kind of cartoonish. The guy suggested it was too much toner, but I don't think that's it. I've tried about every printer setting there is and put blank pages through to pick up extra toner. I'm getting ready to try a different kind of transfer paper. I really hope that fixes it!
Try image clip from yolo or wow from magic touch.
to find out which printers are compatible with magic touch you can go here
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I did try LaserSoft from ProWorld. It's much, much better, but still not quite what I want. They sent some samples of other types of paper. I'll try them too & see how it comes out.
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