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Need help finding a DTG printer as cheap as possible any ideas

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Need help finding a DTG printer as cheap as possible any ideas?

Im starting up new in the t shirt printing business needed to ask should i start with a vinyl printer or DTG?

If DTG which printer should i buy and where can i but it from?

Thanks for your help.
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First I would have to say that DTG's are great from what i've heard but i also heard that they can be a really head ache. Also they are pretty expensive....if your just starting out I would suggest doing something like laser printer system or a dye sublimation printer system. With the laser printer system you can get pretty much get the same results that you can get with dtg at a way cheaper startup cost. I just invested in a system from RhinoTech called RT Sunangel and it was around $2000 for the whole system. DTG's can run around $25G to $100G and more for a start-up.

Also you can look at getting a vinyl cutter. That is the first thing I bought and I've done a lot of t-shirts with it. And it also allowed me to do other things then that like decals & coloring pages for my kids. My cutter I got off ebay as a kit from UScutter for around $300 and some. But I would really suggest to get a cutter that has contour cutting, since it will save you some time in the future if you decide to get some other equipment that will require you to have that.

But check that info out above and hope you do well on your future adventure.
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Thanks mate for your reply but hwo long does a laser printer take to print and dry and can i get t shirt already stiched and have that printed design on the tshirt direct or would the t shirt have to be un stitched ?
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